[APG Public List] Ancestry Search - SomethingEVERY Professional Must Consider

Eileen Souza eileen.souza at verizon.net
Fri Apr 23 06:46:05 MDT 2010

Larry said:

> Since I can't possibly go around updating/changing passwords (too many) I
feel more comfortable with the above reasoning. Put the security efforts
where it really makes a difference (maintaining firewall, updated virus
definitons, and so on). But keep it all reasonable. 


I have to agree with Larry on this one.  What they do today is steal your
email and password from sites you visit.  You may have protected your
computer well but not all of these sites are as careful.


I recently received an email from a genealogy site that I had recently
subscribed to that we're sorry but our site has been hacked and all the
email addresses and passwords were stolen.  They went on to explain that
they have now tightened their security [too late].   I realized I had gotten
careless since I have been working online since the early days of Bulletin
Boards  with never a problem, I had used the same email and password at many
sites.  I had my work cut out for changing emails and passwords at all my
sites.  So far so good, there does not seem to have been any negative
repercussions for me and it has been over a month.  I was lucky.


My advice is to use many different passwords for your web accounts and
multiple email address, if possible.  This way, if one combination is
stolen, it limits sites where they can do damage and makes it easier for you
to fix it.  I would also never check "Remember Me" and always log out before


Eileen Souza

Eldersburg, MD 21784

eileen.souza at verizon.net

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