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I think I can answer that part.  I found a Google book "The Refugees of 1776
from Long Island to Connecticut" which uses a footnote of "H 10."  It refers
to Appendix H in that book which lists the associations which are numbered.
Orange Webb is listed at H 10 which further says that those listed there
were signers on multiple lists.

Those lists may be at the New York State Library.  Here is an old book which
catalogs material found at the New York State Library:
http://www.archive.org/details/cu31924029558677.  On page 109 appears "Oaths
of Allegiance and Abjuration subscribed by Lord Dunmore, Gov. William Tryon,
Gouverneur Morris, Peter W. Yates et al. 1776."  However, since that list
was created in 1856, they may have been moved elsewhere by now. My first
thought was that they would be in the New York Archives. But the listing of
holdings at their site was not specific enough to tell. I'd email those two
entities to see if they can tell you.


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>  Good morning all NY Researchers
> I see many references to men signing The Association in 1775.  In Southold,
> Long Island, NY I find the name of Orange Webb as a signer but I cannot find
> any place that I might see the comprehensive list.  Does anyone know where
> this might be viewable.  One actual photocopy of another list was actually a
> hand written list with about 100 names on it.  This Association was supposed
> to be a list where men signed an oath of renouncing their allegiance to the
> King of Great Britain and supporting the Continental Congress.
> I keep seeing things like this “The Association” H 10 or H 32 but none of
> these references explain these letters and numbers.  I thought maybe someone
> who has worked with NY in the time frame of the American Revolution might
> have a better handle on these references.
> Thanks
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