[APG Public List] Ancestry Public Trees Use of Census Agespre-1850

Terry Reigel terry at reigelridge.com
Mon Apr 5 15:36:43 MDT 2010

Rick Saunders wrote:
> It seems to me what the issue is, please show me any 1830
> census which says a man is 50 years old (or any age other
> than a range). 

It doesn't say that at all. It says he lived in Harlem, Delaware, Ohio in 1830, and cites the census as evidence of that. It says, parenthetically (note the small font) that he was age 50 in 1830. From the available evidence, this is true. It says he was born about 1780, citing the 1850 census, which apparently Michael thought was sufficiently sound basis for creating a Birth event.

> I haven't looked at these public trees
> but that is one of the problems I find with many
> citations. The citations do not cite what they claim to.

They claim to cite the fact that he lived in Harlem in 1830, nothing else. What is the problem with that?

> What Michael is referring to might not technically be a
> citation, but I don't want something telling me a man was
> age 50 in the 1830 census based on his age of 70 in the
> 1850 census.  In 1830 he is probably either 40-50 or 50-
> 60.

He was not 40--50 nor 50-60 in 1830. He was about 50, based on his date of birth, which was about 1780. The issue isn't what the 1830 census said, but how old he actually was.

Terry Reigel

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