[APG Public List] Ancestry Public Trees Use of Census Agespre-1850

Fredric Z. Saunders fzsaund at ix.netcom.com
Mon Apr 5 14:12:14 MDT 2010

It seems to me what the issue is, please show me any 1830 census which says
a man is 50 years old (or any age other than a range).  I haven't looked at
these public trees but that is one of the problems I find with many
citations. The citations do not cite what they claim to. What Michael is
referring to might not technically be a citation, but I don't want something
telling me a man was age 50 in the 1830 census based on his age of 70 in the
1850 census.  In 1830 he is probably either 40-50 or 50-60.

Rick Saunders

Terry Reigel asked:
I'm very curious about what the problem is you are describing with the
display of ages on Ancestry's tree display. Neither you nor anyone else has
replied to my post - am I the only one who doesn't see what the issue is?

Terry Reigel

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