[APG Public List] Ancestry Public Trees Use of Census Ages pre-1850

Terry Reigel terry at reigelridge.com
Mon Apr 5 07:53:43 MDT 2010


I'm very curious about what the problem is you are describing with the display of ages on Ancestry's tree display. Neither you nor anyone else has replied to my post - am I the only one who doesn't see what the issue is?

Terry Reigel

Michael John Neill wrote:
>> I can't be the only one who notices these things.
>> I'm using the Ancestry.com trees and integrating images
>> with a few names in a database for my own personal use
>> in order to save time and learn how to use the thing.
>> When I integrated the 1830 census into the file for an
>> individual, it indicates in the little time line thing
>> that he was aged 50 in 1830, which obviously he's not.
>> Maybe I'm the only one who cares. I linked the 1850
>> census to his estimated 1780 birth in Pennsylvania as
>> that's what the census says.
>> There is an image of the timeline posted here:
>> http://rootdig.blogspot.com/2010/03/whats-wrong-with-
>> this- picture.html

And I replied:
> Michael,
> I'm sorry - I don't understand what the problem is. If he
> was age 70 in 1850, wouldn't he be age 50 in 1830? It
> doesn't say that's what the census says, only that that's
> what his age was. From all the evidence shown (only then
> 1850 census) he was born about 1780.

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