[APG Public List] 2009 PMC Syllabus For Sale

Kathy Hinckley hinckleyk at comcast.net
Mon Sep 28 22:57:42 MDT 2009

The Twelfth Annual APG Professional Management Conference took place
September 2, 2009, in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Syllabus is available for
sale while supplies last at <http://www.apgen.org/catalog/products.html>
for $20 plus shipping and handling. 

The PMC presentations included:

Writing Professionally by Tom Jones, CG, CGL, FASG

Solving Mysteries for Money: the Forensic Genealogist and Private
Investigator by Mary Ann Boyle, Ph.D., CG

The Bachelor: Reconstructing a Solitary Life Using Obscure & Far-Flung
Records by Mary Penner

Talking to the World by Sherry Irvine, CG

Elements of a Good Client Agreement by Richard Camaur, JD, CG

The Genealogy Consumer: Who Pays for Professional Research? by Natasha
Crain, MBA

Publish! And Supplement Your Income by Desmond Walls Allen

Bull's Eye! Planning and Delivering a Winning Marketing Campaign by Heather

Get Paid For Your Passion: Becoming a Professional Genealogist by Elissa
Scalise Powell, CG

Kathleen W. Hinckley, CG
Executive Director

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