[APG Public List] Help reading 1880 census

Richard A. Pence richardpence at pipeline.com
Sun Sep 27 16:19:02 MDT 2009

"LBoswell" <laboswell at rogers.com> wrote:

>I haven't been following this one, but given George is shown as 38, 
> a daughter of his from a prior relationship/marriage? Particularly given 
> the
> gap in children's ages (15 then 8 and 7).  Or census error (as to age of
> wife or daughter).   Earlier censuses?

My assumption all along has agreed with Larry: The first child is by a 
previous marriage for George and the subsequent children are by Annie. 
Unfortunately, I am unable to find any of these folks in prior or subsequent 
census records so it's hard to figure this family and the inconsistencies in 
the census record of 1880.

Richard Pence

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