[APG Public List] GPS = Forensic Genealogy & InterpretativeGenealogy

David T. Robertson robertson.d at rcn.com
Fri Sep 25 09:57:49 MDT 2009

Sharon said 
In particular, I am concerned that the idea "just because genealogists have
the skill set, doesn't mean that they should apply it" might be taken
entirely too literally.

I too am concerned.  We tell all students that they are to collect "as much"
information as they can.  We need that information to evaluate other
sources.  Genealogists also work in areas such as heir searching and even
one's own family or I clients family and that information become paramount
to discovering the truth of the lineage and helping discover the lineage

In the original letter the genealogist was not convinced that the client
wished this information for an approved reason.  She was right to refuse his
case on that ground alone.  

We do bare a responsibility to use our talents correctly.  But we shouldn't
limit the information we collect.  Only its dissemination.   

David T. Robertson
robertson.d at rcn.com

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