[APG Public List] Genealogical vs. Non-Genealogical

Kathy Gunter Sullivan sully1 at carolina.rr.com
Wed Sep 23 08:12:16 MDT 2009

In case some folks are interested in a summary of responses to the 
question posed, 19 September 2009.

The question: " If a potential client wants to locate an old buddy or a 
former girlfriend or neighbor (**kinship not involved**), would you 
consider **that search to be what a professional genealogist does?** I 
have my own opinion, but want to hear your consensus."

There were many useful comments focused on background issues that might 
arise in connection with such a search, but did not weigh in on the 

Responses to the specific question:
1) Not this one.
2) I wouldn't.
3) I wouldn't consider a "missing persons" case to be what a 
professional genealogist does.
4) Clearly finding someone without regard to their relationship is not 
core to what a professional genealogist does.
5) While we may have the skill sets I don't see it as a genealogy issue.
6) Searching for people in general, with no information regarding the 
relationship (kinship) is not valid genealogically.
7) I really think my role is to search for ancestors.

My own opinion is that while a professional genealogist probably has the 
skill sets to conduct a search for an individual *unrelated* to the 
client, I would not consider the service to be genealogical in nature 
because of the lack of *kinship.*

Thanks to everyone for an enlightening discussion overall.

APG Member
Charlotte, North Carolina

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