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John Hoda isihoda at sprynet.com
Wed Sep 23 07:06:03 MDT 2009


 Finally, here is my question. If a potential client wants to locate an old
 buddy or a former girlfriend or neighbor (kinship not involved), would you
 consider that search to be what a professional genealogist does? I have my
 own opinion, but want to hear your consensus.

 Charlotte, North Carolina

Dear Kathy:

For the past 12 years, I have been a licensed Private Investigator and have
steered away from these cases. On the rare occasions that I have
contemplated performing the searches, I told the requestor that I would
locate the person and ask their permission to release their addressing only
and/or give them the requestors info for them to initiate contact. If the
found person did not want to be found then I would not release the
information. To date, not one of the requestors has hired me to do the
locate under that restriction. Most states regulate these types of searches
that they be performed by a licensed Private Investigator. You must be very
concerned about getting mixed up in a stalking situation or worse. I would
not even consider doing this without a license and then under my very strict

John Hoda, Owner 
International Missing Heir Finders, llc
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