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 Finally, here is my question. If a potential client wants to locate an old
 buddy or a former girlfriend or neighbor (kinship not involved), would you
 consider that search to be what a professional genealogist does? I have my
 own opinion, but want to hear your consensus.

 Charlotte, North Carolina

I work at a public library and also run/teach our genealogy club.  I had a
patron come to me with a question, "What would it take for me to find my
mother?  She disappeared from England with an American soldier right after
Word War II".

I didn't even hesitate.  I asked if she had any papers or court documents
from her mother and fathers divorce - which led to the name of the fellow
that her mother left with.  She said he was known to be southern - so we
looked for this man's particular name and we found a concentration of
like-named in Tennessee.  After correspondence to all names that we found
and obituary searches - she finally connected with 4 half-brothers that
she never even knew she had.  The man her mother ran away with was still
alive, but refused to add anything and, sadly, her mother had passed just
the year before.  Still, she was over the moon to have these four baby
brothers and they have had many reunions over the past 2 years.  

I wouldn't even hesitate helping someone like that again.  But - you are
right - I would draw the line at helping someone find an old flame. I
would never do that unless I had known the couple previous.


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