[APG Public List] Genealogical vs. Non-genealogical

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That could be the case, but if they had the ability to follow and monitor 
me, it's more likely that they could simply find the target individual on 
their own.  At least with an intermediary contacting someone, that person 
would become aware that they are being sought.  We could identify all kinds 
of possibilities, but one has to at least realize that some of these 
suggestions would be very very rare and unlikely.  It would shut down 
biological parent searches.  There has to be some sort of balance in these 
things.  My approach puts more than enough reasonable safe guards in place. 
It doesn't exhaust all possibilities, nor could it, but it probably exceeds 
most privacy safeguards in place legally.  I'm comfortable with it.

But technology is evolving so fast.  If Photo Find on Facebook becomes more 
powerful eventually, than one could work with only a photograph and if the 
target it was on facebook, maybe at least narrow down an identity to a 
smaller number of possibilities.  I could see you in the street and snap 
your photo without you knowing, and then if you're on Facebook (or an 
identified photo of you is on Facebook already....)

You can't protect yourself (or your clients, or the individuals being 
searched for) from every possible outcome.  You can only strike a reasonable 
balance.  Some of this "dangers" could arise even in true genealogical 
searches.  There are no limits on human creativity, for nefarious purposes 
or otherwise.  We have to work in the real world.


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>I would suggest putting a lot of weight on Suzanne's warning.
> The suggestion that being an intermediary may be possible, with permission 
> to convey information from the target person, does not take into account 
> that a determined seeker may have the researcher followed and/or otherwise 
> monitored.  The researcher's residence, records and person could be at 
> risk.
> There is simply no way readily to determine such a seeker's true 
> motivations and extent of seriousness.
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