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LBoswell laboswell at rogers.com
Sun Sep 20 10:25:35 MDT 2009

I see Facebook has added a photo recognition application that supposedly will find 'untagged' photos of individuals on facebook by using a known photograph.  I know this raises all kinds of privacy (and other) issues, but that's not what interests me here.

As photo recognition software begins to reach the public domain (maybe there are versions available besides the above), would it not be a useful tool to compare and find individuals in old photographs (where you already have at least one identified photo of a person)?   Would be great to have access to something like that.  I have dozens of old photos where there is nothing written as to identities, and in some I think I can identify particular people, but having this software at least as a rough guide would be helpful.  Some of these old photographs have very high quality images.

Anyone with comments or knowledge of the state of things in this area?

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