[APG Public List] Genealogical vs. Non-genealogical

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Those are excellent examples, Suzanne.


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Searching for living relatives of a deceased person (heir searching) for 
settlement of an estate is a legitimate endeaor for any genealogist. 
Searching for people in general, with no information regarding the 
relationship (kinship) is not valid genealogically. Here is a word of 
caution. Several years ago I attended  a two day seminar held by an Arizona 
Group , Confidential Intermediaries, that works directly with the courts 
regarding adoptions.   Several different speakers gave warnings, (with 
examples of cases) regarding sinister motives of some people trying to 
contact living persons: convicted rapists recently released from prison, or 
"dead beat"  dads who had lost custody of their children , etc. Some of the 
examples  were very egregious and put the researcher at risk.  Be careful.
Suzanne Prosnier, CG

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