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It's something that a professional genealogist could do (and sometimes does) using genealogy training and skills.   I doubt that I would trace an old girlfriend for somebody though, that would obviously raise all kinds of warning flags.  I would act as an intermediary though.  The issue of whether it's "genealogy" or not wouldn't be an issue for me if I decided to take it on.


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  Finally, here is my question. If a potential client wants to locate an old
  > buddy or a former girlfriend or neighbor (kinship not involved), would you
  > consider that search to be what a professional genealogist does? I have my own
  > opinion, but want to hear your consensus.
  > Kathy
  > Charlotte, North Carolina

  This seems to me to be more of *missing persons* issue and while we may have the skill sets I don't see it as a genealogy issue.
  Douglas Burnett
  Satellite Beach


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