[APG Public List] Vol 3 Issue 24--Kathy

Barbara Mathews bmathews at gis.net
Sun Sep 20 07:43:36 MDT 2009

Cathi wrote:
 >>  Personally, I would do it for a law firm, but not for an unknown
private individual. I haven't done adoption research but many genealogists
do. I think that we need to be careful when defining what genealogists do,
vs. what we personally feel comfortable doing. 
I'm with Cathi on this. I have located living family members for the
genealogy book I did on my ancestor, for the family association where I
currently work, and for clients working on genealogy books. Unrelated
individuals I would handle as Cathi does. It has to do with my own comfort
I am also in the same group as Cathi when it comes to defining what
genealogists in general do. I can only define what I personally do.
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