[APG Public List] Help with estate sales document

Kathy Gunter Sullivan sully1 at carolina.rr.com
Sat Sep 19 16:02:52 MDT 2009

Hi Mag,

This does not respond to your main question about sorting out the two 
different men named Sam West appearing in the sales list, but the 
organization of the sales list might give you clues about whether the 
"sith and cradle" are both agricultural or whether the cradle was a 
baby's bed. Many times auctioned items were grouped in lots: household 
goods, tools, livestock, crops, and so forth. From your description, one 
of the men named Sam West purchased a hatchet, an axe, and a scythe and 
cradle. If you are quoting the information in its original order, then 
I'd be inclined to say the "sith and cradle" are both agricultural 
tools. Be attentive to and preserve the original order of the sales list 
because it can offer clues about the nature of the auctioned items.

Charlotte, North Carolina

19 September 2009 at 10:59 a.m., MFP wrote:
> Sam, the younger, was born 1774-1784. It seems logical the younger Sam 
> WEST would have been the purchaser of the hatchet, axe and scythe and 
> cradle, but again, I am not certain that sith [sic] and cradle are one 
> instrument such as a sith with its storage place, cradle, or whether 
> the sith was one item and the cradle was a baby's bed.

> I am seeking guidance in determination of which of the two WEST men 
> named Sam might have been the Sam named in Concurred.

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