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As a teenager, our youngest child would say, "Oh Mom, that was an 'on
location joke.' It was hilarious when it happened but you had to be there to
understand."  Genealogists often think of what a particular word means in
our day instead of what it meant in the context of the ancestor's time and


My thanks to the person who began this thread of discussion. It is an
example of the APG List at its best. I think we all learned at least one
additional meaning of the word "stripper."


Barbara Brixey Wylie

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Hello Roland,


a "weird occupation"?! No, not all.


>1910 census furthermore told the occupations of the kids. One was a glass
worker like his dad but when I read the occupation of 19 year old >Cecilia
the list said: "stripper". 


>Hoopps. I didn't believe my eyes and you could really hear a sound of
relief when I saw the next field where the company was mentioned she >worked
for: a tobacco company.


A "stripper" is basically "one that strips. 

A noun derived from the verb "to strip" which besides others may have a
whole bunch of different meanings:

- to remove clothing

- to deprive someone of something

- to remove the accessory equipment of: dismantle

- to deprive (one) of possessions

- to peal the rind of something

- to remove the overburden from

- to separate something into the component parts

- to remove waste material from something

- to remove forms from something i.e. from concrete after the concrete was


In your case where this person works for a tobacco company it refers to a
worker who strips stems from moistened tobacco leaves and ties the leaves
into books - called also "sprigger, stemmer."


Hope that helps.



Vera Nagel, Bad Soden, Germany

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