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With this added information from Jean, the only way I can think of to
determine which man may have been at the sale would be to follow the land.
Again, this is not going to be 100 percent.

who tried the rural life for about a year and went back to urbania as soon
as she opened the back door and came face to face with a cow

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On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 11:47 AM, Jean R. Legried <jraeleg at charter.net>wrote:

> >
> >Sam, the younger, was born 1774-1784. It seems logical the younger
> >Sam WEST would have been the purchaser of the hatchet, axe and
> >scythe and cradle, but again, I am not certain that sith [sic] and
> >cradle are one instrument such as a sith with its storage place,
> >cradle, or whether the sith was one item and the cradle was a baby's bed.
> The cradle is a part of the scythe. It catches the grass/hay as it is
> cut by the scythe and allows the grass/hay to be stacked in an orderly
> fashion.
> Jean
> who is only a few months removed from the farm!
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