[APG Public List] Help with estate sales document

Jean R. Legried jraeleg at charter.net
Sat Sep 19 10:47:52 MDT 2009

>Sam, the younger, was born 1774-1784. It seems logical the younger 
>Sam WEST would have been the purchaser of the hatchet, axe and 
>scythe and cradle, but again, I am not certain that sith [sic] and 
>cradle are one instrument such as a sith with its storage place, 
>cradle, or whether the sith was one item and the cradle was a baby's bed.

The cradle is a part of the scythe. It catches the grass/hay as it is 
cut by the scythe and allows the grass/hay to be stacked in an orderly fashion.

who is only a few months removed from the farm! 

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