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Duplin County, North Carolina, 15 May 1800:
Found among estates papers of Thomas JAMES was a document entitled
Concurred. The document designated Concurred contained a listing of names
and amounts of money paid to the listed individuals. Google has not defined
concurred as used in this context so I am looking for meaning of that word
in 1800.

Also, among those listed in Concurred was a Sam WEST who purchased a
hatchet, an axe and a sith (scythe) and cradle. Sam WEST was also paid cash
for services rendered (Sam's type of service was not listed) on three
separate dates. Sam also bought corn from the estate.

In Duplin County in 1800 there were two WEST men named Sam. Sam, the elder,
was born before 1753 and died before 1810, or left the area before 1810. On
the Duplin County original tax lists of 1808 Samuel WEST was exempted from
paying a poll tax. This exemption was extended to men aged 50 and older.

Sam, the younger, was born 1774-1784. It seems logical the younger Sam WEST
would have been the purchaser of the hatchet, axe and scythe and cradle, but
again, I am not certain that sith [sic] and cradle are one instrument such
as a sith with its storage place, cradle, or whether the sith was one item
and the cradle was a baby's bed.

I am seeking guidance in determination of which of the two WEST men named
Sam might have been the Sam named in Concurred.

Regrettably, I left my documents on corner of the table where my grandson
was helping me "cook", so am unable to scan and send copy of this document
for review. If necessary, in order to obtain help with these questions, I
will obtain another copy of Thomas James's estates papers.

Any guidance appreciated.

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