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Vera Nagel vpanews at t-online.de
Sat Sep 19 06:15:32 MDT 2009

Hello Roland,


a "weird occupation"?! No, not all.


>1910 census furthermore told the occupations of the kids. One was a glass
worker like his dad but when I read the occupation of 19 year old >Cecilia
the list said: "stripper". 


>Hoopps. I didn't believe my eyes and you could really hear a sound of
relief when I saw the next field where the company was mentioned she >worked
for: a tobacco company.


A "stripper" is basically "one that strips. 

A noun derived from the verb "to strip" which besides others may have a
whole bunch of different meanings:

- to remove clothing

- to deprive someone of something

- to remove the accessory equipment of: dismantle

- to deprive (one) of possessions

- to peal the rind of something

- to remove the overburden from

- to separate something into the component parts

- to remove waste material from something

- to remove forms from something i.e. from concrete after the concrete was


In your case where this person works for a tobacco company it refers to a
worker who strips stems from moistened tobacco leaves and ties the leaves
into books - called also "sprigger, stemmer."


Hope that helps.



Vera Nagel, Bad Soden, Germany

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