[APG Public List] Members only Llst (was [APG Public List ]Test)

Honey Ryan hryansavh at aol.com
Fri Sep 18 18:19:11 MDT 2009

Larry, I had signed up and wasn't receiving anything ,either.  So, I checked
back on the sign up page and noticed that the "unsubscribed"  radio button
was marked, instead of the "subscribed" one.  So, I clicked to mark the
"subscribed" radio button, then clicked "update."   I've started receiving
the emails from the APG list now.  


I'm wondering, when I thought I was subscribing, if I missed that step.
Maybe if the buttons said "Subscribe" and "Unsubscribe" it would prevent
this misunderstanding.



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I think Joan is right, it's something that is caused at the receiving end,
although I've set my email 'read' preferences as both html and plain text
and am not getting any attachments in either setting.    I don't think it
can be expected that people will alter their 'read' or 'compose' preferences
just for this one list.  


Also, is the members' list generating any email.  Just wondering because I'm
not getting anything at all from it.



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 This is a new message and is formatted in HTML.  I wonder if that will
generate an attachment. 


Eileen Souza

Eldersburg, MD 21784

eileen.souza at verizon.net



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