[APG Public List] Test

EILEEN SOUZA eileen.souza at verizon.net
Fri Sep 18 14:42:03 MDT 2009

Okay, it seems as if messages that are sent in formats other than plain text
are generating the txt attachment.  That also explains why some people see
the bold and fonts, etc.  I don't know if all email clients have the option
to do rich text or HTML formats and that is why most mailing lists made the
rule of using plain text for list emails.  So if we go back to sending our
emails in plain text those attachments will disappear.  

Rondina, in an earlier email, you mentioned some formatting conventions to
use to make up for the fact that you can't get actual italics, etc in plain
text.  I am not familiar with them but would like to use them in the future.
I think one had to do with using underscore's in place of quotes???

Eileen Souza
Eldersburg, MD 21784
eileen.souza at verizon.net

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