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Rolgeiger at aol.com Rolgeiger at aol.com
Fri Sep 18 13:50:09 MDT 2009

you won't believe what I just found in ancestry: I was looking for the kids 
 of Nicholas and Louise Pack who originate from my hometown St. Wendel in 
Germany  but settled in Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia in about 1890. 
They had a bunch of kids - a minimum of nine at least but 1900 census  
states that Louise lost two of nine before 1900. In 1910 two more sons had  
1910 census furthermore told the occupations of the kids. One was a glass  
worker like his dad but when I read the occupation of 19 year old Cecilia 
the  list said: "stripper". 
Hoopps. I didn't believe my eyes and you could really hear a sound of  
relief when I saw the next field where the company was mentioned she worked for: 
 a tobacco company. 
But my eyes first were as big as those of my wife when I told her this  
story right a couple of minutes ago.
Roland Geiger, St. Wendel
PS: By the way - I assume the word "stripper" has that same meaning in  
English as it has in German :-)
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