[APG Public List] The Good Ol' Days . . .

Richard A. Pence richardpence at pipeline.com
Tue Sep 15 06:38:04 MDT 2009

They just don't write obits like this any more!

     Just as the hands of the clock touched the midnight hour, on last
     Tuesday, while the old day was ending and the new day was dawning,
     the spirit of Joseph S. Pence left its tenement of clay, where it had
     been a sojourner for more than eighty-six years, and winged its flight
     into the ethereal world, and all that was mortal of this good man
     worthy and upright citizen, kind and big-hearted neighbor, devoted
     husband and loving father, was no more.

--_The Republican_, Carrollton, Carroll County, Missouri, 14 Feb 1922, 
"written, as reqyested, by George E. Stanley."

Richard Pence
Fairfax, Virginia

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