[APG Public List] Following up on SS-5 order discussion

Laura Prescott laura at lauraprescott.com
Mon Sep 7 07:51:52 MDT 2009

Several weeks ago posters on the APG-L were discussing how long it takes to
receive Form SS-5 online orders at

I ordered two online on Friday, August 14. I received the first on Thursday,
August 27, less than two weeks later. I received the second one while I was
away at the FGS conference in Little Rock. But, judging from the postmark, I
suspect it arrived on Thursday, September 3, a week later than the first

Either way, it is certainly speedier than the ones I ordered years ago. The
other difference I noticed is that the ones I ordered in the past were
photocopied, the most recent two are quite obviously digitized as they are
heavily pixelated.


Laura G. Prescott
Brookline, NH

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