[APG Public List] Messages with attachments unwelcome

Peter J Seymour postmaster at pjsey.demon.co.uk
Sun Sep 6 10:06:04 MDT 2009

On Sat, 05 Sep 09 14:40:43, Peter J Seymour wrote:

>I am finding that most if not all of the messages coming through the new APG public 
>mailing list have all their content in an attachment. Previously, most if not all messages 
>did not have an attachment, but had the content in the main body.
>This plethora of attachments is a real inconvenience. Is there an option that can be 
>either for the whole list or just for individual users, to deselect this "content as 
Thankfully the problem seems to be resolved. I didn't do anything explicitly to fix it. The 
following discussion is speculation as to what happened. I went to the APG list options 
web page to change the email address. On that page there is an option for MIME/plain 
text, but it was already set to plain text. I submitted my changed email address. 
Thereafter I have been receiving list messages in plain text in the message body as 
required. So I wonder if the APG server has different intial option values in some cases 
to the user option webpage initial settings and the two don't come into line until a 
change (any change) is submitted. (I'm not hundred percent sure that MIME/plain text is 
in any case the relevant option).
That doesn't explain why its been ok for other people, but hopefully things will now 
continue ok, and thanks for the various messages of reassurance.

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