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Catherine Desmarais stonehouseresearch at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 14:53:03 MDT 2009

AGNOMEN! That was the word I was looking for! Thank you SO much!

Cathi Desmarais

On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 4:39 PM, Tom Jones <Tom at jonesresearchservices.com>wrote:

> Is /agnomen /the word you seek?  I don't find this definition in general
> dictionaries, but it does appear in genealogical reference works. ---- Tom
> Catherine Desmarais wrote:
>> I am drawing a blank on a word, and can't come up with enough of a
>> definition for Google to help me. I am hoping someone on this list can fill
>> in this "senior moment" for me. What is the term that refers to a qualifier
>> being placed after a man's name to distinguish him from another man of the
>> same name in a tax list (or other similar list)? For example John Smith
>> (James) and John Smith (George), where the names in parentheses are their
>> father's names. Another example would be John Smith (miller) and John Smith
>> (farmer). I used to know the word for this!
>> Thank you in advance to anyone who can help unfreeze my brain!
>> Cathi Desmarais
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