[APG Public List] Anybody out there?

Craig Kilby persisto1 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 10:39:48 MDT 2009

I suspect a great many people do not even know about the switch-over.  
I can blame my own problem on a computer crash at the time the notices  
went out, which happened to coincide with a change of email addresses.  
I actually first heard of it from Dick Eastman's newsletter. When I  
went back to earthlink emails, I did find the notice, rather buried as  
it were.

I've successfully changed my email address and subbed to the public  
list, but still can't (for reasons unknown) log back into members only  
area to sub to the members list. I am waiting for Kathleen to get home  
to help me fix this. It keeps telling me my email address is  
incorrect, when in fact we just changed it. I think she may have keyed  
it in incorrectly when she updated her database, though it is correct  
otherwise..........hey, what's time when you're having fun?

Craig Kilby

On Sep 3, 2009, at 12:26 PM, jfonkert at aol.com wrote:

> I know that a lot of APG members have joined the members-only list,  
> but I've encourage them to keep following the public list, too.  I'm  
> sure that when people post questions to the public list, many APG  
> members will still respond.  I fear that some APG members may not  
> realize that they need to re-subscribe to the public list if they  
> want to follow it.   That may explain some of the quiet, but both  
> the public and members-only list have been quiet this week due to  
> the FGS Conference.
> Jay Fonkert, CG
> Saint Paul, Minnesota
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> Well, I think I've got the new list thing going on,  but it seems  
> awful
> quiet in here. Could somebody assure me I'm in the right room?
> Cynthia
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