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When you submit a revision to your profile, it goes into a holding area for review.  This is to prevent spam, plus I proofread.  I normally process updates within 24 hours; sometimes within five minutes.  I am in Little Rock now for the FGS conference, therefore, will not be processing updates until I get back to my office next week. 

To get into the members only mail list, you need to log into the members only area. The menu on your left will have the link for subscribing to the member list.  

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Hello fellow list members, 

I am looking for some kind soul to help me out a bit. I am member of   
APG but have recently changed my email address, and soon after that I   
spilled coffee onto my keyboard (laptop) and fried the logic board.   
(Bear with me Richard Pence). 

So, that is all resolved now. I managed to change my APG profile but   
they say it will take at least 5 days to acknowledge my new email   
address.  (Why, I have no idea. Most membership sites do this   

So, in the meantime, I am trying with no success to find the   
subscription site for APG members only. I know I got an email about   
it, and read about it on Dick Eastman's newsletter. 


1. Where is this information now? I cannot find it even when logged in   
to APG 

2. Should I just wait for the 5 or so days until APG gets around to   
acknowledging my new email address? 

All advice welcome. 

Two weeks in computer Hades 
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