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At least you know in advance that there is definitely a connection worth 
defining by doing the standard genealogical work.  Though I imagine 
sometimes it's as difficult as any other genealogical puzzle (and maybe more 
frustrating because you know where you want to get to is there waiting, and 
if there are gaps in the paper trail leading back to that common ancestral 
link, that would be no fun)

Joan's posts have tipped me towards finally doing this myself.

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  As the administrator for two DNA surname projects, I've noticed that the 
most common
  situation with online DNA databases is that no pedigree at all is 
connected with most DNA

  On the bright side, if the DNA matches, there's a clear genetic 
connection. No pedigree is
  necessary to prove a genetic relationship. The DNA alone is sufficient for 
that purpose.
  The difficulty comes with proving HOW people with matching DNA are 

  Still, Larry is correct. Genetic genealogists will want to verify 
pedigrees obtained from
  others, but that's no different from the situation with traditional 
genealogical research.

  Stephen J. Danko, PLCGS
  Administrator, Danko Surname Study
  Administrator, Niedzialkowski Surname Study


  Larry said:

  One problem on some online genealogical DNA databases is that many 
unverified pedigrees were submitted, and that has to have an impact. The DNA 
hits would then take you to possibly an individual who in turn has wrongly 
identified common ancestors.

  If a person has submitted their DNA but attached it to the the wrong 
individuals, how could that be identified and corrected.  I think you'd 
still have to then go and verify that person's ancestral research before 
drawing any conclusions?

  Or am misinterpreting the risk here?



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