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There is no pedigree sharing here until people are already MATCHED by  the 
relative finder and agree to share both the basic DNA matches found by  
23andme AND their own family history to the extent they know it. 
I've been identified as having a matching segment on chromosome 7 with an  
adoptee trying to learn both his medical AND family history. We obviously  
haven't found the relationship on this one but we know it is back there --  
estimated about 300 years ago. And that tell-tale chromosome got passed down 
to  both of us through the years.
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One problem on some online genealogical  DNA databases is that many 
unverified pedigrees were submitted, and that has  to have an impact. The DNA hits 
would then take you to possibly an individual  who in turn has wrongly 
identified common ancestors.
If a person has submitted their DNA but  attached it to the the wrong 
individuals, how could that be identified and  corrected.  I think you'd still 
have to then go and verify that person's  ancestral research before drawing 
any conclusions?
Or am misinterpreting the risk  here?

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