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Kathy Gunter Sullivan sully1 at carolina.rr.com
Wed Oct 21 11:52:21 MDT 2009

Hi Denise,

There were some archival processioning discussions on the APG-List not 
too long ago <http://archiver.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/search?path=APG>. 
Some of the people offering detailed advice were: Daniela Moneta and 
Valerie A. Metzler. I think the subject title was archival collection.

The discussion also included advice on preserving photographs and handy 
tips for scanning.

Good luck!

Charlotte, NC

Denise Mc Enerney wrote:
> I recently agreed to help a woman organize her collection of family 
> memorabilia.  It turns out that she has about 5 banker boxes of mostly 
> letters between many family members; interspersed with written works, 
> certificates (mostly from educational institutions I believe),  
> diaries, etc.  Many family members have been involved in important 
> organizations and events.  She didn't even show me the room with the 
> photos yet!  She has 4 4-drawer file cabinets that she is hoping to 
> have everything organized in.  She does have a fairly outdated but 
> working PC, with dial-up internet connection, and I believe I have 
> talked her into downloading the free version of Legacy so that we can 
> start inputting information in as we go along,  She has also done 
> quite a bit of research over the years, but doesn't have it organized. 
> [snipped]  Does anyone have any advice?  I'm thinking that the letters 
> should be tackled first, and have them , perhaps, in chronological 
> order?  Or should the be organized by family member?

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