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Russell Dorr russelldorr at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 17 16:11:49 MDT 2009

I could use some help.
I sent a check to the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health for a birth (4 Jul 1906), marriage and death (24 Nov 1974) record for John Melvin Barnett. I do not know this person's parents - this is what I'm trying to find out. I also do not know exactly what county these events occurred, probably Russell or Tazewell. I have an exact name and exact date of birth and death. How many persons meeting that description could there be? So they sent my check back requesting the above information...which I am trying to find out. If I had it, I wouldn't have had to request the information.
Is there someone I could pay to go there physically and retrieve these records?
Bud Dorr
Casco, Maine

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