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I can vouch for both of Angela's statements. The cash entry she retrieved for 
me a few months ago had a genealogical gold mine -- a father stating under oath 
exactly what his son had done to justify his preemption claim. (And it was less 


> Karen asked:
> "Do the Cash entry files contain much genealogical information? Is it worth the 
> time and money to order the land entry file for a Cash Sale under the Act of 
> 1820?"
> Karen:
> The cash entry files contain a receipt for money paid and a final certificate 
> authorizing issuance of a patent. These do not contain much genealogical 
> information.
> If the tract was claimed on the basis of preemption, the file may contain a 
> preemption proof. If the tract was entered as a homestead and commuted to cash, 
> then the file would include the homestead application. These files can contain 
> more useful genealogical information. 
> NARA charges $40 for a land entry file if you order it directly. The other 
> option is to hire a researcher at NARA to pull these files and copy them for 
> you. This option is usually less expensive.
> Angela McGhie
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