[APG Public List] Reposting Genealogical Career Questions

Jeanette Daniels jeanettedaniels8667 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 14 10:38:34 MDT 2009

Dear List Members,

I have already posted three questions and am grateful for the responses so far.  
Those have been sent to me privately.  I did receive a request to re-post
to the lists an explanation in more detail why I am asking these questions.

I won't re-post the three questions.  There are a few reasons for asking the
questions.  The most important to the list members is because I believe
that the umbrella concept of APG includes a variety of ways that members
and others are using their genealogical knowledge to create and sustain
businesses.  A while back, a similar topic appeared on one of the lists and
there were some that posted that there was only one way to really be
considered a professional genealogist.  I personally believe that there
are many ways to use genealogical skills.  

I will compile results from those who have answered how they achieved their
genealogical career goals; are still aiming to achieve them; and show the
variety of businesses where list members are making money and sustaining
themselves and families.  In the current economical situation here in the 
US, I believe that this will be beneficial and enlightening to us all.



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