[APG Public List] Wish List: APG Public Mailing List is published as an RSS Feed. Repeat

Glenn Gilbert ggilbert1 at clearwire.net
Tue Oct 13 15:25:04 MDT 2009

The major benefit is the ability to read or not read the posts without 
having them clogging up your email. In the Aggregator/Reader you can 
control how often to check for updates and how long they remain 
available. The user has more control over the information, you don't 
have to manage rules, folders and emptying the trash bin in your email 


There are some limitations. If you are not subscribed to the list you 
won't be able to post messages. However in the case of the APG list I'd 
rarely have anything to say, but do find reading some posts very 
informative. Prior to APG moving this list to their own server I was 
reading the posts on the RootsWeb hosted list with my RSS reader. I 
follow about 25 genealogy blogs and 20 RW Mailing lists via RSS feeds, 
I'm subscribed to 8 mailing lists.

Glenn Gilbert

jfonkert at aol.com wrote:
> For those of us are aren't RSS-smart, could someone explain the 
> advantages of an RSS-feed over a a list-generated email?
> Jay Fonkert, CG
> St. Paul, MN
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