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Again, this has been posted to both the Transitional Genealogists Forum and the APG Public mailing lists.


I was able to contact the writer of the post mentioned yesterday, and she informed me that it had actually garnered quite a bit of attention.  The post is now available as a guest article on her publicist's blog.


The author is Randy Hecht, a freelance writer (www.aphra.com)


The following link will take you to the now published article:  http://jenniferlawler.com/wordpress/?p=434

Again, I apologize for the non-working link yesterday.  This one definitely works ;)


I would love to hear feedback on this advice from career genealogists.


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This message has been posted to both the APG Public List and the Transitional Genealogists list.
I read this message this morning.  It was written by the owner of a writing business, as advice to a beginner who inquired about starting such a business.  The advice looks like it would also apply to those of us pursing a career in genealogy.
I would love to see the comments from career genealogists to this advice.

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