[APG Public List] NGS conference blog (was: Re: First time conference going and speakers)

Ida Skarson McCormick idamc at seanet.com
Mon Oct 12 11:50:00 MDT 2009

At 08:33 PM 10/11/2009, "Christy Fillerup" <christy.fillerup at gmail.com>wrote:
>I will am authoring the NGS 2010 blog. I think that a lot of your 
>concerns could be addressed in this format if the author knew what 
>to cover. <snip> What would you all like to see covered in the conference blog?


Can you start the blog at the time the call for speakers for 2011 
goes out, to include detailed information about the process of 
proposal submission and selection? Does there need to be a separate 
NGS blog for 2011 conference proposals?

This would include enlarged discussion of criteria used. The blog 
could provide advice to prospective submitters about how to make a 
proposal competitive if 20 other people are submitting the same topic.

As the proposals are submitted, it would be interesting to see a blog 
list of all proposal keywords, sans authors and sans proposal titles, 
perhaps grouped into beginner topics and other topics. Blog reader 
comments might be very enlightening. If the blog were started early 
enough, it could provide a greater variety of proposals.

The authors of proposals could provide their own level, subject, 
geographic, ethnic, and methodology keywords, including multiple 
keywords in each of these categories. A problem-solving focus could 
have a yes box. So could PowerPoint slides and proposals already 
selected. This data could be set up on an Excel spreadsheet for the 
convenience of the program committee and the blogger.

Blog readers could submit recommendations for an e-mail checklist of 
reasons to be sent to those whose proposals were not selected.

As the winnowing process continued, the blog progress report could 
include information such as "One hundred proposals out of 800 are 
still under consideration. The selection process for the 2011 NGS 
conference is expected to be completed by _____ ___, 2010."

--Ida Skarson McCormick, idamc at seanet.com

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