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I will am authoring the NGS 2010 blog. I think that a lot of your concerns could be addressed in this format if the author knew what to cover. Obviously the friendly faces couldn't be helped, but a lot of the other questions.

What would you all like to see covered in the conference blog?

Christy Fillerup

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  Thanks for the response, Elissa.

  I was referring to an on-site orientation held perhaps the evening before or first thing the opening day.  It wouldn't take long - just giving an overview of the conference, what to expect, how the tracks are laid out, how to pick and choose wisely, how the exhibit hall works, what additional activities are being held, what is included (or not included) in the registration fee, what to do about lunch - in general, how to get the most out of the experience once they are there.

  It would provide a forum whereby new people could meet each other and provide recognizable faces.  There wouldn't be unhappy surprises about the syllabus, etc.  

  It's just an idea that seems to work well for many national conferences.  Sometimes we go to so many of these things that we get to the point where we feel like we're attending a big family reunion and forget what it was like that first time.

  Yes, I agree that the Ohio society does a good job of letting people know what is available and what to expect (and does most other things well, also).

  Wanda Samek

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    I interpret this to mean an orientation about conference-going. When NGS was in Pittsburgh in 2003 I did a lecture I took on the road to the local little societies to tell them what to expect, bring, and how to get the most for their money. I don't know if NGS in Raleigh used my slides that I gave them but that conference was very successful. It is information that is a little too late once the conference has started. However, the Ohio Genealogical Society has done a tour on the afternoon before their two-day conference showing them where the exhibit hall was, etc. and gave them tips on how to get the most from their time. 


    One thing I did notice was that the new conference goers had no idea what to do with the syllabus if they didn't pay extra for the print copy. They were sent a link ahead of time but many ignored that email and didn't know that the material would be referenced in the lectures. Although given the syllabus on CD, most did not have computers. I had a few people ask if there were any more handouts in the back of the room (like they do at local programs). Things are changing and the way we educate conference goers has to change also.


    Speakers need to be made aware of this problem as they prepare their handouts. We can't always depend that the audience will have them in front of them.


    -- Elissa


    Elissa Scalise Powell, CG


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    It would also be helpful to have a one- or two-hour orientation session for first-timers.


    Wanda Samek



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