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Donna McClure dmc68 at nycap.rr.com
Fri Oct 9 19:50:20 MDT 2009

Help with occupation on censusLaura,

In response to your request, I believe his occupation is manufacturer of sugared flag root.  This link has information on flag root: http://www.florahealth.com/flora/home/Canada/HealthInformation/Encyclopedias/Calamus.htm
It notes "Reputedly, the root was also coated with sugar and used as candy and breath freshener in the past. "  Also, on Google Books, there is "Medicinal and Other Uses of North American Plants a historical survey with special reference to the Eastern Indian Tribes".  It's a limited view, but I could get page 231 which lists assorted references to flag root.  Included is a 1919 reference "These rhizomes are to be seen on sale on the Street corners of Boston and are frequently chewed to sweeten the breath."

  I would be eternally grateful if anyone can help me decipher the occupation for Benjamin Rogers on line 47 of the Nantucket, Massachusetts, 1880 census (ED 492, p. 21). I am looking at the image on Ancestry at:


  Laura G. Prescott
  Brookline, NH

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