[APG Public List] Why two lists? was Articles about Google and copyright

Carolyne Gould carolyne_cwy at yahoo.ca
Wed Oct 7 15:16:03 MDT 2009

At 12:38 PM -0400 10/7/09, jfonkert at aol.com wrote:
>We do sometimes have discussions that relate to APG organizational 
>issues, and these are not always appropriate in the more public 
>forum provided by the the public list.

I'm not sure what would make those talks "not always appropriate"; 
however, don't you think potential members of APG would benefit from 
reading about those organizational issues? Perhaps it would influence 
whether or not they want to join.

There are some extremely experienced APG members who posted regularly 
to the other list and I have not seem them post here since the new 
list started. I cannot tell you how much I learned just reading the 
discussions these people were involved in. I miss the educational 


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