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The book "The Genealogist's Guide to Researching Tax Records" by Carol Cooke 
Darrow, CG and Susan Winchester, PhD, CPA may be of help.  It gives 
information about various types of tax records throughout the country, 
including Virginia.

Having abstracted the 1782-1850 Loudoun County and Fairfax County Personal 
Property Tax Lists, I can state that taxing horses and cattle was common. It 
does not, however, differentiate those owned versus those being driven into 
or through the county.

Pat Duncan
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> To all,
> A poster on the Virginia History list stated that he had noticed that "in
> addition to a tax on tithables some counties, like Augusta, levied a tax
> on
> every head of cattle driven into/through the county and a tax on every
> horse
> brought into the county." He desires to know if this was a practice common
> in the entire Commonwealth. I thought this was an interesting question. I
> would like to know what books would be recommended for a study of Virginia
> taxation?
> Thank you.
> Rondina
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