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Thanks for sharing this option.  I personally am looking at a free option or as free as possible option that would include everyone.  


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How about using gotomeeting.com as per my article in Dec 2008 APGQ?  $40 per month allows for up to 15 attendees plus one presenter. Other arrangements can be made if the audience is larger.
That service would provide access to both Mac and PCs, and unless someone shares the log in and access codes, it is secure.
Pat Richley
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While you're still looking into things, can I ask that you please select software that is compatible with Mac computers (a number of us are using Macs). I have joined in on the Ancestry webinars (compatible) but have not yet been able to join the Library of Congress sessions (perhaps more podcasts than webinars--I just don't recall). I contacted LC and they got back to me with the message that their software was not compatible. Very disappointing. 
Thank you for considering the request!
Claire Bettag
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Dear APG member and public lists,

I talked with my IT person at HGC and he and I believe that we will be 
able to come up with the webinar software needed to present webinars 
for those interested on both APG lists.? I explained to Troy (IT person)
that members live in several different time zones and countries (Canada, 
Germany, Israel, Australia, etc.) so that the software
will need to be able to tape presentations for later broadcast for those
unable to be awake when live presentations are given.? So, the 
software needs to accomodate live broadcasting as well as taped 
later broadcasts of information.? We also need the ability for students 
to be able to ask questions of the presenters.? So, there will need 
to be a way to answer?immediate questions as well as those 
questions from students (list members) who have to watch the
presentations later.?

We also want these broadcasts to be secure so that the information
is available for only those it is intended for.? 

Troy will begin looking for what he believes will be the best software
for us to use.? When he has had a chance to find what he believes is
best, I will get back to the lists.? We already have a web address not 
in use that will work well for the webinars.? We also have are own server
and will section off a place for the new address and the webinar 
software as soon as Troy?picks it and programs the server.? 

I'll be back in touch.


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