[APG Public List] Participating in Evaluations

Barbara Mathews bmathews at gis.net
Wed Oct 7 05:51:53 MDT 2009

Laura wrote, in part:
> Evaluations that are developed well and
> actually used (by speakers and conference
> chairs) can be a valuable tool for creating
> better conference programs in the future.

I completely agree with Laura on this. Program chairs for conferences of any
size at any geographic level can only serve their audiences well if (1) they
elicit feedback and evaluation; and (2) we all actually give that feedback
to them.

One of the reasons the BCG Ed Fund has so many workshops that include
writing in one form or another (reports, narratives, compilations, proof
arguments,...) is because it is our most frequent request for a topic year
after year. Not only do we ask, but the attendees provide this information.
Some people who don't have time to fill out the form at the workshop come up
to us later in the conference to pass it in. This is great because it
empowers us to meet their needs better.

This conversation on the list has been great. It has uncovered something
previously somewhat subtle. This is that there is a group of us whose social
and business needs are addressed by conferences, but whose educational
issues aren't. Hopefully enough creative solutions have been shared that
things will change over the next few years, if not at national conferences
then in other efficient and effective ways. I feel like saying "Woohoo." Am
I corny or what?


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