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Do you actually teach a course entitled,"Foundations and Professional Development?"  What does that course cover and how many weeks is it? 

By the way, HGC covers forensic genealogy in its course offerings as well.  I believe that Akamai is planning to do the same.


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Boston University is currently in its third semester offering of the 14-week Genealogical Research Certificate program on its campus. The 14 weeks are taught by five instructors. These same instructors and program have been converted to an online format and the first offering will begin Oct. 26. Registrations are being taken by BU’s marketing and education partner, MindMax, currently by phone but a website is forthcoming which will have an e-commerce capability. More description will also be a part of the website.
The cap on the online course is 25-30 people and the last day to register for this offering is Friday. Students will have time to be oriented in the software before the course starts. We hope other online offerings will be made if this program proves as popular as APG list traffic has indicated.
One of the unique features of the BU Genealogy course is the module on forensic genealogy conducted by Melinde Sanborn. This 3-week module takes actual case studies as instructional case studies. Nowhere else have I ever seen a course in this topic such as Melinde presents.
Another plus to the course is Dr. Tom Jones’ 3-weeks on evidence analysis and source citations – something every genealogist needs no matter their level or experience.
One part of the course concentrates on what it takes to become a professional genealogist, marketing, handling clients requests, etc.
The course will have exercises, readings, assignments, and the ability to interact with other students and the instructor. The instructors should be monitoring the website daily during their module so questions need not go unanswered. There is the ability for email, live chats, or just “water cooler” talk on other topics. The course is graded.
The 14-week course is structured so that you must complete the work in each module by a designated time, so your time commitment is just for the 14 weeks elapsed time.
Let me know if you have any other questions.
-- Elissa
BU course instructor for Foundations and Professional Development
Elissa Scalise Powell, CG
CG and Certified Genealogist are Service Marks of the Board for Certification of Genealogists, used under license by board certificants after periodic evaluations by the Board. 

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