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Wanda Samek wanda at sameks.us
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It's a bit expensive, but seems to work very well, to distribute hand-held
devices to the attendees at the beginning of the lecture (or leave them on
the tables to be used throughout the day) and ask for their feedback at the
end of the lecture.  The questions appear on the screen (one at a time) and
the attendees respond by pressing the appropriate key on the device. 

It's fun, most everyone participates, and the feedback is immediate
(although not necessarily available on the screen).

Wanda Samek

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I would like to see what kind of feed-back that lecturers would find
useful. I think that, sometimes, material provided by the confrence
committee misses the point by providing one uniform lecture evaluation
tool, sort-of a one size fits all. Perhaps someone can experiment a
bit, perhaps by asking the speakers to provide their own input on what
they, as individuals, would like to see on their own, perhaps
individual, evaluation form. Would they be interested in response to
the lecture, the AV materials, the content of the lecture, suggestions
for folow-up lecture topics, or something entirely different?

I often think the evaluation forms are too vague to provide any clue
as to what the conference committee or the speaker is seeking. It gets
a little too easy to just go down the list of questions and don't give
more than 30-45 sconds to a total of 10 or 12 questions. Filling out
such forms becomes ritual rather than anything of any depth.

And, as an occassional speaker (in the past, and in a none
genealogical field), I have generally been disappointed in the lack of
any significant, valuable, and genuine, evaluation from participants.

I really think that the whole "evaluation process" needs to be
evaluated, re-thought, and overhauled. I think there are a number of
us that would be interested in tackling this issue.
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