[APG Public List] Who Are We, Really?

Wanda Samek wanda at sameks.us
Tue Oct 6 14:15:36 MDT 2009

It would also be helpful to have a one- or two-hour orientation session for
Wanda Samek

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I haven't attended a national conference yet and plan to attend NGS in Salt
Lake City this coming year. I have been researching nearly 15 years and
would consider myself an intermediate researcher.  I am better at some
records (especially late 19th century & 20th century) than others (before
1850).  I am looking forward to hearing from presenters that I have been
reading about all these years.

Wouldn't it be helpful for beginners to have a special track for them such
as on one day?  We have done this at model railroading conventions.

Lisa Gorrell
Martinez, CA 

On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 12:59 PM, Wanda Samek <wanda at sameks.us> wrote:

>>The people who defend current conference topics are, in fact, defending
them for "beginners", a category in which they are NOT placing themselves.
A very good point, Barbara.  
It may also strengthen my conclusion that national conferences, as a general
rule, should be targeted more toward intermediate and advanced levels of

Wanda Samek

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