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Harold and list,
I would second Harold's sentiments on how these evaluations are used.  As a tool to extrapolate the highest and lowest scores for consideration of future proposals by these individuals, they are useful. However, if the scoring falls in the indeterminate middle, there could have been any number of reasons for this "middle ground."  I would hope that this type evaluation would not be viewed as a definite negative.
In addition, I think many of us are simply checking off boxes as we prepare to rush off to our next presentation.  I think it would help the organizers if attendees would take just a little time to write a specific comment on their negative or positve experience.  Sometimes, I sit with the evaluation paper in hand, and if something strikes me during the presentation either way, I make a shorthand note to myself so I can elaborate on it at the end of the presentation.  In determining which presenters are most effective for any one conference, I think this type comment is invaluable.

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Barbara --

I try to fill them in whenever we have them, which as I recall is not always. 
My feeling is that they are mainly useful for picking out the very best and the 
very worst -- the far ends of the bell curve -- but not for the majority of 
cases in between. I would worry if conference organizers used them to 
distinguish, say, between folks with 61% approval and those with 59%, or even 
49%. (And the truth is that sometimes I don't know why a given presentation 
worked or didn't work for me -- so my reaction might have had nothing to do 
with the speaker's style or substance!)


> We've all flogged this particular issue enough, I'm sure, but I do have one 
> question for people on the list. This question is a result of my own reflection 
> on my earlier postings about MGC, NERGC, and the BCG Ed Fund aggressively using 
> evaluations. I realized that I didn't fill them in for the few speeches I did 
> hear at the last NERGC.
> How many of us have been regularly filling-in these evaluation forms at 
> national conferences?
> Barbara

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